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We are an interdisciplinary research group within the University of Tennessee's Department of Chemistry. We use the tools of organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, organometallic design, and polymer science to address fundamental scientific problems with real world impact. Our research is divided into two main thrusts: (1) the design and synthesis of advanced polymeric materials, and (2) the development and evaluation of next-generation polymerization catalysts. 


January 2023

  • Welcome Rahil and Laura as undergraduate student researchers in the Long Research Group!!!.

December 2022

  • Welcome Rakesh and Godwin as graduate students in the Long Research Group!!!.

November 2022

  • Congrats to Jordan and Justin!! Our newest article on the development of photoinduced olefin polymerization (PIOP) was accepted for publication in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

  • Congrats to Nick and Alicia!! Our newest perspective on redox switchable ring-opening polymerization catalysts was just accepted in J. Polymer Science.

  • Congrats to Nick and our collaborators!! Our newest article on using heteroleptic aluminum species as initiators for lactide polymerization was accepted in Organometallics.

September 2022

  • UTK was just ranked #1 in Polymer Science by U.S. News and World Reports. See U.S. News' report here, and see UTK's press release here.

  • Congrats to Cameron and our collaborators!! Our newest article on the stability of functionalized polymers SMA copolymers for membrane protein extraction was just accepted in Biomacromolecules.

Workman-Biomacro TOC figure.png

July 2022

  • Elizabeth's paper was just accepted in Polymer Chemistry!! Check it out here.

  • Congrats to the newly minted Dr. Elizabeth O'Connell and Dr. Xinyi Wang for successfully defending their dissertations!!!

  • BL presented our research on redox-switchable ring-opening polymerization catalysts at the MACRO 2022 - The 49th World Polymer Congress in Winnipeg, Canada!!

  • The Long Group's collaborative proposal that was led by Prof Mike Kilbey was funded by the National Science Foundation to study purine containing, conjugated polymers. We are so grateful for this support from NSF CHE!!!

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OConnell 2022 Polym Chem.png
Xinyi Graduation Celebration Summer 2022.jpg
Liz Defense Celebration-Summer 2022.jpeg

May 2022

  • Congrats to the newly minted Dr. Justin Burroughs for successfully defending his dissertation.

  • Nick L. Presented his research at the University's EUREKA poster competition!!

  • Congratulations to Xinyi for winning a departmental award in recognition of her research accomplishments.

Justin Graduation Spring 2022.jpg

April 2022

  • Congrats to our current undergrad researcher Nick Legaux and former NSF REU undergrad researcher Savannah Rheingold who will be attending UNC Chapel Hill and Brown University, respectively, for their graduate studies. We are so proud of each of you!!

  • The Long Research Group received funding from the National Science Foundation to support our work in the development of advanced olefin polymerization methodologies. Thank you to NSF CHE for your generous support!!!!

  • Congrats to current grad students Xinyi Wang and Justin Burroughs for each receiving 2022 UTK Graduate Student Senate awards for excellence in graduate research!!

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JW and XW 2022 GSS Awards Banquet.jpg

March 2022

  • Congrats to Cameron who has received a UTK Summer Graduate Research Assistantship grant to support his work in the development of polymeric materials for non-detergent based protein extraction.


February 2022

  • Congrats to Xinyi, Trevor, former group members Chris and Savannah, and our collaborators in the Vogiatzis group!! Our article on the development of fluorinated gas separation membranes for natural gas purification was recently accepted for publication in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

  • Congrats to Brian Jacobs who has accepted a position at Promerus LLC. We wish you all the best in your new career!!!!

  • BL has been named to the Editorial Advisory Board of Macromolecules, the ACS's premier polymer focused journal.

Savannah Rheingold.jpg

January 2022

  • The Long Research Group received a 2022 UT Research Foundation Maturation Grant to support our work in the development of polymeric materials for non-detergent based protein extraction. Thank you for your generous support!!!!

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